Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Capital Campaign News


We have received some exciting news from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH): APA's deadlines for meeting the NEH Challenge Grant through our Gatekeeper to Gateway Campaign for the Future of Classics have been extended! To date, the APA has raised just over $1.5 million toward the Campaign's goal, but that total must reach $2.1 million by July 31, 2010, and $2.6 million by July 31, 2011, if we are to claim all matching funds that the NEH has offered.

If you have not yet contributed to the campaign, now is the time to do so, if possible with a two-year pledge. If you are already a campaign donor, please consider an additional gift so that we can reach these ambitious goals for the future of the field to which we devote our lives and energies. To make a gift online, follow this link:


The Capital Campaign Committee is working hard to build on the enthusiasm generated by an event at the Center for Hellenic Studies this Fall


and to identify new prospective donors from throughout the Classics community and beyond. As always, APA membership participation in critical to this extended fund raising effort.