Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Calls for Papers for 2011 Annual Meeting

Calls for abstracts from Organizer-Refereed Panels and Affiliated Groups have been posted on the APA web site since December


The abstract deadline for many of these calls is next Monday (February 1).

With the assistance of the Social Science Research Network (SSRN), the APA will soon offer a mechanism for online submission of both panel proposals and individual abstracts for the 2011 meeting. Instructions for using this mechanism will be posted in a few weeks. In the interim, APA members should make sure that their dues are paid for 2010 and should register with the SSRN if they do not already have an account. Members paid up for 2009 but not for 2010 should have received an e-mail message to that effect last week and can expect to receive printed reminders in early February. You can register for SSRN at


and you can find more information about this organization at


as well as Josh Ober's President's Letter about preprints in the February 2009 Newsletter.